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suescraftstuff:- I try to put all sorts of things into order in a scrapbook. mainly family. I Started scrapbooking in 2009 and now am totally addicted. Just recently I started making a few cards, mainly for friends and family, I really enjoy doing this, but there is such a lot more to learn. currently I am learning to use promarkers, they're fantastic!!... I have a cricut cutting machine, but like to embellish with different mediums rather than just the cricut cutouts. I love lace and flowers, also distressing and embossing. This is just one of my many hobbies I've had over the years, a big part of it was woodcraft and painting.The woodcraft bit I got from my dad, him and my mum are my all time favourite people, my dad was so kind and clever, dad, I miss you, because of him I still dabble in the woodwork a bit too. But I am loving putting all my photo's into a scrapbook, and lately making cards, to keep and remember everone in a much more interesting way than a normal photo album .hopefully it will be passed on in later years.



Saturday, 24 July 2010

Our camping Trip

This was the campsite we stayed at for a week. there were the most beautiful forests all around. The dog absolutely loved it. she ran after squirrels, rabbits, birds, and had a whale of a time.  We also visited the Jurassic coastline of Dorset, Lulworth Cove, it was absolutely packed with tourists, but it was a gorgeous day, Jaz rolled in something nasty on the beach, which made her day, and we ate at a nice restaurant outside, that made our day.  I was wondering what was going through a dogs mind while on holiday, did she know, if she did it didn't phase her one bit. she settled down as if this was her new home, a nylon 'cave' lol , she even came with me to the shower block, and the dish washing place, sat there and was good as gold. 
We had visits from two little robins, daily they would come down and pinch little bits of Jaz's food, the squirrels would finish off any biscuits she left that day. It was great to see them.   I'm looking forward to putting some pictures in my album - even caught a squirrel trying to sneak into a tent when the owners were out! caught in the act!! lol or caught red-pawed!

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