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suescraftstuff:- I try to put all sorts of things into order in a scrapbook. mainly family. I Started scrapbooking in 2009 and now am totally addicted. Just recently I started making a few cards, mainly for friends and family, I really enjoy doing this, but there is such a lot more to learn. currently I am learning to use promarkers, they're fantastic!!... I have a cricut cutting machine, but like to embellish with different mediums rather than just the cricut cutouts. I love lace and flowers, also distressing and embossing. This is just one of my many hobbies I've had over the years, a big part of it was woodcraft and painting.The woodcraft bit I got from my dad, him and my mum are my all time favourite people, my dad was so kind and clever, dad, I miss you, because of him I still dabble in the woodwork a bit too. But I am loving putting all my photo's into a scrapbook, and lately making cards, to keep and remember everone in a much more interesting way than a normal photo album .hopefully it will be passed on in later years.



Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Shaving Foam, who'd have guessed it?

This is a card I made using some backgrounds I made with shaving foam and ink, the stamps are from 'Lavinina Stamps' and a stencil and parsley stamp I had boght previously.

A card made today with Lavinia stamps, Adirondack inks and a brayer.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Shaving Foam experiment

I've been experimenting with shaving foam and alcohol re inkers. I only have 2 colours to play with, and thanks to Barbara Gray's YouTube video tutorial I think I did quite well.

The last two pics are of results I got from the foam/ink and the last pic a card I made using one as a background.   I think i looks quite effective.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Japanese Artist,   His name is lawrence Yang, the blog is called 'Blow at life'   have a look, it's brilliant.

Wonderful paintings by Japanese artist.

I found these paintings on the net by a japanese artist, I lost the site so I can credit his name, but I fell in love with the beautiful colours and techniques he used, apparently he used water colours, gouache and inks.   I love it, not as easy as it looks.   If I find him again I'll post his name.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Been drawing to relax this evening after coming home from visiting my mum, a long drive, so I did another background and wanted it to look sort of African, I was inspired by my Aunty's drawing she did back in 2002 of an African lady. I think the background will be a darker orange next time, perhaps I'll use the Gelli plate and make it more vibrant. The little snail was this month's shell stamp from Clarity stamps, I thought I'd turn it into a snail firstly.
" I Never knew a morningin Africa
when I woke up 
and was not happy".....
Ernest Hemmingway

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Another attempt at printing with the Gelli PLate, I tried several mediums, gold,pearl, and blue frosty acrylics, but I just don't like the effect, not with these stamps anyway, I think the inks go better and look more 'dreamy' like you'd find in a woodland.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

This one is the one I liked best, so I laid a sihouette print of the fairy from Lavinia Stamps onto it along with their mushrooms and willow leaves.  and used several little bits and pieces to make impresions with.
A Gelli Plate background with masked image of the poppy, then drawn in with a micron pen and watercoloured using distress dye inks. I spritzed it with water and let it 'bleed' to create the watercolour effect.

The shaving brushes I used for these cards. a great idea if you're starting out, much cheaper than stencil brushes. Of course you can use a heavy paintbrush so long as it's new and clean. I find these brushes ideal, and purchased on ebay for a few pounds for 6, so one for each colour.

Just saw this, it's just so true.  It will be framed and mounted in my house. (AND I'd have to make the frame, buy the moulding, and glass, mounting board, and of course the glass cutting equipment and the mount cutter........)  hahahaha
I haven't blogged for a while, seems other things, mainly crafting and every day obstacles get in my way, but I am in the right frame of mind now and have a multitude of ideas and things I'm trying at the moment to put on here now.
I have shelved my sewing machine for a while, until my sewing head calls me back, and have discovered the 'Gelli plate'

I have been experimenting with different mediums, firstly, Distress inks, and stamps, then acrylic paints and masks and stencils.

Above are some of the experiments I tried, using inks, the cards were done with shaving brushes and dye based inks.  The fairy stamps are by 'Lavinia Stamps' the inks are Adirondack and rangers distress inks.
The Gelli plate I bought from 'Clarity stamps'  my new favourite supplyer and I am now a firm follower and admirer of Barbar Gray's talents. She is an amazing artist and is right on my wavelength. not too grungy but not too perfect. she is perfect for me though. I love her artwork. and have now become a member of her stamp club. so watch this space for more ideas on stamping and my Gelli plate.

I love this 'Lavinia Stamps' Fairy, she's so cool.  the background was achieved with a mask and shaving brushes and dye based inks.  simple, yet effective.
These cards were all done with sponging and dye based inks, mainly rangers distress inks.  masking the moon/sun and the foreground. the mushroom stamp is another by 'Lavinina Stamps'  also the beautiful hanging willow branches.