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suescraftstuff:- I try to put all sorts of things into order in a scrapbook. mainly family. I Started scrapbooking in 2009 and now am totally addicted. Just recently I started making a few cards, mainly for friends and family, I really enjoy doing this, but there is such a lot more to learn. currently I am learning to use promarkers, they're fantastic!!... I have a cricut cutting machine, but like to embellish with different mediums rather than just the cricut cutouts. I love lace and flowers, also distressing and embossing. This is just one of my many hobbies I've had over the years, a big part of it was woodcraft and painting.The woodcraft bit I got from my dad, him and my mum are my all time favourite people, my dad was so kind and clever, dad, I miss you, because of him I still dabble in the woodwork a bit too. But I am loving putting all my photo's into a scrapbook, and lately making cards, to keep and remember everone in a much more interesting way than a normal photo album .hopefully it will be passed on in later years.



Monday, 27 January 2014

Trying another type of doll hair

Another style of rag doll.  I like this doll she has a certain quirkyness about her. I tried a different style of hair this time, she has a a net skirt with a patterened voil overlay, funky leggings and curly toes.

 The top pic is the finished doll, the bottom just trying out different things. hair, clothes, face etc.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Sassy doll

Another doll, getting better at the faces now. next one I am making will have blue eyes, and then green. I'm going to paint a few for practise. this doll is for my friend Sara's hairdressing salon called 'Sassy Hair' She has sort black hair with red streaks, so the doll is having red streaks too.
 I did the face wth acrylic paint, and primacolor pencils. the cheeks are acrylic paint highlighted with pink facial blusher.
The pattern for the doll was again using 'Oh sew dollin' pattern.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Another Rag doll

Another doll, this time with black hair, this hair was a big challenge as I wanted something different, tried boucle' and twisted chunky wool, but they didn't look right, so I made it eventually with Mohair, a little fine and hard to cover the whole head, but it looks more effective I think.  with every doll I make I learn more and more. will try a different style next time maybe 
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Monday, 13 January 2014

Another rag doll

This doll is for Heidi, My daughter in law, she has black hair too, and wanted a black haired doll, The wool I used for the hair was a bit of a nightmare as the fluff stuck to everything, blonde/white hair is better to work with. ..we live and learn.  I have another one to make now so I'll know what to do, after aout the tenth doll I should be quite adept at it.
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Thursday, 9 January 2014

I choose to call this doll 'Izzy' Made with the pattern for the 'Oh sew dollin'  rag doll I made earlier, this one just rolled off my head... I had an idea then it metamorphised into something totally different., but I am pleased with how it came out.Most of the fabrics and lace came from my stash, I bought the mohair wool for the hair and felt for her boots.
Also I must give credit to PatC from 'All is bright' dolls, for her brilliant tutorial on doll eyes.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Rag Doll

I made this rag doll for Eloise, my granddaughter, she's now 4 yrs old and still has 'Heather'.
I  decided to make myself one, not quite the same, but a bit shabby chic,
I have a naked doll wearing nothing but lace bloomers right now.
I will post the picture of the finished doll.......when she's done.
I am looking for white-ish fluffy long mohair type yarn for her hair and some shabby lace for her dress.   this is the fun of it for me, looking for all the oddments to put it all together.
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